Triple skin air dome

The membrane of the air dome that is its most visible part consists of three independent layers fulfilling various functions: supporting, insulating and protective.

  • Supporting layer - the supporting membrane is made of prime quality strengthened polyethylene. This material is transparent and thus  reduces the necessity of using artificial lighting. The only exception is a non-transparent strip used for tennis air domes, which serves as a contrastive background for the better visibility of tennis ball.   
  • Insulating layer – the insulating layer consists of a bubble foil several centimetres thick. Its function is to minimise thermal loss inside the air dome. It is placed between supporting and protective layer
  • Protective layer – the protective layer is used to protect supporting and insulating layer against dirt, rain, snow and the adverse effects of ultraviolet radiation. Thanks to this layer the air dome does not lose its transparent characteristics and preserves its high aesthetic appearance.

Tear resistance sufficient
Simplicity of installation less workers because of lower membrane´s weight
Thermal insulation sufficient
Wind resistance better (thanks to firm steel wire rope net)
Price lower
Simplicity of repairs (in case of accident, and so on) more simple (thanks to a more simple design)

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