Artificial surfaces

  • The main focus of Poly-Slovakia s.r.o. is manufacturing air domes and providing complex solutions in the sphere of artificial sport surfaces.
  • With respect to artificial sport surfaces, we cooperate with leading manufacturers, and we can recommend and supply the sport surface that will best comply with your conditions and  purpose of use. Tennis, football, multi-purpose sport grounds, golf or playing fields –we ensure an artificial surface of prime quality, aesthetic, durable and requiring minimal maintenance.
  • The artificial surface is an excellent solution wherever you need a homogenous surface with stable performance, high durability and low maintenance cost. With respect to this sphere, we cooperate with several top suppliers, in particular with the Polytan GmbH group.                                                                     
  • TerraGrassTM is our preferred brand since it offers an exceptional combination of innovation, playing characteristics, durability, colour stability and  affordability.

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