Inflatable airdomes

  • Considering building an air dome? Our highly experienced team at Poly-Slovakia has been producing air domes of various sizes since 2005, so we are confident we can handle your project too. Air domes produced by our company can be found all over the Europe and Asia too. Make sure to check our galleries – gallery #1 and gallery #2, featuring two different types of air dome technology. For technical designs, please take a look at plan #1 and plan #2 to see the drawings / project designs of respective types of technology.

    If you have no previous experience with air domes (as was the case for most of our clients), no worries, you can find lots of information on our web site (read about our air dome technology) and of course you can ask us any questions you might have! If you know what you want, don't waste any time, go right on to our quote form and let us know what you need.

    Why choose us:

    • We are the PRODUCER with many years of experience. We do not just resell, we MANUFACTURE the air domes. For you, this translates into better flexibility and better prices.
    • We'll guide you all the way from answering pre-sales questions to after-sales support. Send us your inquiry today!
    • The production of the air dome is guided by a specialized custom-made software handling dozens of parameters, so we can deliver the result tailored to your specific needs and conditions.
    • Our air domes are reliable and time-tested, enduring extreme weather conditions – from harshest winters to hottest deserts.
    • There are two essential types of air dome technology currently in use – 2-layer free standing air domes and 3-layers steel-cable supported air domes. We can deliver both of them. For a more concise summary of differences, see the comparison table below or read the technology article for detailed information.
    Description 2-layer technology 3-layer technology
    main cover tearing strength high (due to higher density of the material) adequate
    ease of installation more personnel needed due to higher weight of the cover less personnel needed due to lower weight of the cover
    thermal insulation higher adequate
    wind endurance adequate higher (due to strong support of the steel cable net)
    price higher (due to much more complex welding process of the main cover) lower
    ease of repairs (accidental tearing etc.) more difficult easier (due to simpler design)